Those touched by genocide bring stories of tragedy, courage

Published Thursday, November 1, 2007
by By Dale M. King

They came to Boca Raton Sunday with stories that bled.

Two genocide survivors recalled personal horrors. And the granddaughter of people who endured the early 20th century effort to wipe out the Armenian race told how that “blueprint” of death showed up again in Germany, Rwanda and Darfur.

The League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust (LEAH) opened its 2007-2008 season at Boca Raton Community Church with a shocking presentation that left many in the audience sobbing.

The three speakers all noted that the outrage over the Nazi Holocaust during World War II – and cries of “Never Again” – appear to be falling on deaf ears. Genocide, they said, has not been eradicated.

“Even today, with all our technical advances, we are still vulnerable,” said Natalie Garibian Peters, granddaughter of Armenian Genocide survivors.