In Hebrew, her name meant “Joyous Song.”
Gilana Alpert

But it was more than a name.

It was a legacy that followed Gilana Shira Alpert wherever she went — whether she was on stage or television, in the classroom or at Temple B’Nai Israel in Muskegon where she worshipped as the oldest of Rabbi Alan and Anna Alpert’s three children.

But on Sunday afternoon, her voice and life were suddenly silenced.

Alpert, 26, died after suffering a series of strokes caused by what doctors believe was a rare reaction to medication she was taking for chronically severe migraine headaches.

Alpert, who was living and working in Chicago, was found Thursday by her landlord after co-workers became alarmed when she didn’t arrive at work. Doctors and family members theorize that she fell and sustained a serious head injury in her apartment when she had the reaction to the medicine. She never regained consciousness.