The New Jersey Coalition Responds to the Crisis in Darfur invites you to stand with us at
the upcoming New Jersey Lights the Torch for Darfur event. The event will be held on
Tuesday, November 13, 2007, at 10:00 a.m., at the Martin Luther King Federal Courthouse
& Building, 50 Walnut Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102.
This event is the New Jersey leg of the symbolic Dream for Darfur Olympic Torch Relay
that is visiting more than 60 cities across the United States. We are proud of the leadership
role that New Jersey has played in this effort to end genocide in Darfur in areas of
divestment, state and national legislation calling for action, and keeping pressure on
China to use its influence in Sudan. At this event, New Jersey-based advocates will join
with invited speakers Governor Corzine, Senator Lautenberg, Senator Menendez, and
Congressman Payne, Darfurian refugees, and other notables as we continue to show our
strength in the growing grassroots movement to end genocide in Darfur.
The Dream for Darfur Olympic Torch Relay was launched September 9th to draw attention
to the ongoing genocide in Darfur and China’s unique position in being able to stop
it. As Sudan’s primary economic, political, and military partner, China wields great influence
with the Sudanese government. Yet China has refused to use its power on behalf
of the people of Darfur. Through inaction China has become complicit in the genocide.
As the world prepares for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, an event that stands for
peace and brotherhood, we demand that China do all in its power to end the killing in
After years of ignoring its responsibility, efforts to pressure China are beginning to have
an impact. The torch – a symbol of hope, humanity and connection – will be carried
through countries like Rwanda, Chad, Bosnia and Germany and link the situation in Darfur
with atrocities these countries have suffered. This massive undertaking is bringing
the issue of genocide literally to the streets and will help people to understand the obligation
China has to use its power to end the genocide.
After each genocide – be it Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, or Nanjing
– the world cries “Never Again!” Please join us in ensuring that China, the power
with the greatest leverage in Sudan, hears this cry before it is too late.
Thank you for giving this crisis your attention. Please RSVP to If you
need more information, contact Melanie Gorelick at 973-929-3087 or
New Jersey Responds to the Crisis in Darfur