A Review of Remember for Life –
A Different Way to Remember the Holocaust

REMEMBER FOR LIFE, Holocaust Survivors’ Stories of Faith and Hope, edited by Brad Hirschfeld, published by the Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, Pa. 2007, 116 pages, $18.-

Reviewed by Rabbi Jack Riemer
How shall we remember the Holocaust? That is a question that has troubled many people in the last sixty some years since it occurred. To ignore it is morally impossible, for it was surely one of the central events in the history of civilization (or the lack of it). And yet, most of the ideas on how to mark the event have turned out to be banal and trivial. Most Jewish communities have a Memorial Service of some kind on Yom Hashoah, but less and less people come each year, and those who do come are primarily survivors or their immediate families. There are museums, some of them of extraordinary caliber, but is that enough? There are endless books, but after a while, they seem to blur into each other for they tell essentially the same story. Some people light six candles on Yom Hashoah, others sing “Ani Maamin” or some of the other songs of the Holocaust, but whatever we do never seems to be enough. By now most of us are third and fourth generation of American born Jews, and many of us have few relatives that we know of who died in the Holocaust. So what shall we do to keep their story alive?