Feeding The Spirit
New cookbook brings together tales and recipes from Holocaust survivors — and raises money for a Jerusalem soup kitchen.
Naomi Rosenfeld’s “Holocaust Survivor Cookbook” combines favorite recipes and wartime stories.

by Randi Sherman
Staff Writer

In early November 1938 Naomi Rosenfeld (nee Lissauer) was 12 years old and running errands for her family. She had walked over to the neighborhood butcher shop to purchase some salami when she began to hear screaming and banging outside.
“The butcher pushed me out the back door, salami in hand, and said, ‘Don’t look back!’ I heard the shattering of glass and the breaking of windows,” Rosenfeld told Joanne Caras. “I went out into the back alley and ran home … On the way home I passed the synagogue. The building was on fire and the Torah scrolls and prayer books had been taken out of the synagogue and thrown on the ground where people were deliberately walking all over them.”
Rosenfeld, along with her mother and younger brother, survived the Holocaust by escaping to Italy shortly after Kristallnacht. Her story, along with her recipe for pareve cheesecake — and stories and recipes of other survivors and their families — are featured in “Holocaust Survivor Cookbook,” recently published by the Caras family of Clarksville, Md. The book includes many past and present New Yorkers.