Germans don’t owe us a dime

Where’s our pride? Campaign for more German compensation money shameful

Yoram Kaniuk
Published: 11.12.07, 07:10 / Israel Opinion

Asking the Germans for more reparations looks bad. The Germans who are alive today did nothing wrong, and those who did have already died, and their misdeeds were paid for. How much can a people humiliate itself? How low can we go? Israelis who have not worked a day in Germany, and whose parents do not come from there, were able to arrange a German pension for themselves that exists because German laborers saved money. This pension is more generous than what Israel offers.

The thought that someone else’s blood is worth money is intolerable. The death of a loved one is not worth the money. If the reparations offered to Holocaust survivors were justified at the time, the payments to those who suffered from the Holocaust while living in Russia are nothing more than a spit in one’s face.