The English translation of my book “Bekannte traf man viele….” which was published in Switzerland in 1998 in German as a “Historic Document” is now available on the internet. To read it, please proceed as follows:

1) Type on the web and click on “go”
2) Type in 2nd empty line “Hesdorffer” and click on “SEARCH”
3) On the left is the family history in German with photographs of my ancestors
On the right click on the letters PDF to get at the book
4) The heading “Twelve Years of Nazi Terror” will appear.

The computer must be equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Depending on the speed of the computer it will take from 1 to 3 minutes for page 1 to appear. Total 226 pages, which include a new chapter “Early Youth”. 2 new pages after the “Death March” and an “Appendix” as well as all the family photographs from the original German version.

If a publisher is prepared to print a paperback, available for sale in bookstores here, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Canada, etc. no royalties are payable to the Swiss publishers and the copyright will be in my name.