Karen Scioscia

Aristotle is credited with saying, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” The longer I live, the more I observe this to be true. How else could you explain how some people are able to take what life dishes out and not only survive, but do so (eventually) with a smile on their face and love in their hearts?

Pessia Ebgi has not always had it easy, yet she is a joy to be around.


Ebgi is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. Her father was from Poland, her mother from Lithuania. They were each the only survivors from their respective families.


After the war, the Barons (her maiden name) were in a displaced camp in Bamberg, Germany. It is there that Ebgi was born in 1947.

According to information at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., more than 250,000 Holocaust survivors passed through displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria and Italy during the years of 1945-1950.

The Barons were there until September 1948, when they took a ship to the newly stated country of Israel. This is where they made their home and Ebgi and her two brothers grew up.