History lesson gone awry:
Kiev pupils make Nazi posters

In a school assignment that prompted an uproar in Kiev, a teacher at the Pechersk School International had students design Nazi election posters that were then hung up around the school.
By Vladimir Matveyev Published: 12/06/2007

KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — Kieran Shinkins, a 10th-grade teacher at the prestigious Pechersk international school here, gave his students a homework assignment in history class to design a Nazi election poster for Germany’s July 1932 vote.

Shinkins in his assignment a couple of weeks ago provided the students with some questions to guide their designs: “What were the favorite kinds of images and slogans for the National Socialists? Who were the main targets/enemies of the National Socialists? How would the election poster attack these enemies effectively and economically?”

The students went home and came up with vivid posters, which were hung around the elite school favored by the children of Kiev’s diplomatic corps, expatriates, business titans and politicians, including the children of Ukraine’s president.

The posters read: “Choose/Elect Hitler!” “Bread. Job. Motherland.” “We will create a great Germany!” “Elect Hitler!”