Jan 7

“There was about a dozen of us there in the Knesset today, and they didn’t let one of us speak, or ask questions,” says one of the Holocaust-restitution activists who were present Monday (Jan 7) when the Knesset State Control Committee announced that an official state commission of inquiry will be established to examine the government’s treatment of survivors.

Perhaps to make up for his earlier, involuntary silence, the activist (who prefers to remain anonymous) has plenty to say now about the matter – and it makes for a disturbing listen.

“There is so much populism on this issue; everybody is talking about it, but nobody is really doing what is needed to move it forward,” he says in frustration. “The problem is simple incompetence on the part of the government. There are good intentions here, on the part of the prime minister, of the Knesset. MORE.