Tuesday, January 22, 7 pm
Czech Center New York

The Czech author Arnost Lustig will speak about his meeting with Max Brod and about Franz Kafka’s influence to Czech literature. Marketa Malisova, director of the Franz Kafka Society, will speak about Kafka’s work and the Franz Kafka’s Society.

Screeing of the film Transport from Paradise (Transport z raje)
Czech film with English subtitles, 1962, Director: Zbynek Brynych, Writers: Zbynek Brynych, Arnost Lustig.

Transport from Paradise is set in an unusual World War II concentration camp. The lax Nazi guards permit their Jewish prisoners to roam freely about the camp and conduct their own business and social affairs, without the threat of instant extermination looming over their heads. The prisoners’ main fear is that they may at any moment be shipped off to one of the death camps. In the film’s incredibly heartbreaking climax, a group of prisoners willingly board a train to Auschwitz, laboring under the delusion that they are being sent to another “paradise” camp at the behest of the Council of Jewish Elders. Though it stretches credibility at times, Transport from Paradise is purportedly based on a true story.

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