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Holocaust survivor tells teens to ‘love each other’

HOWELL – She stared into the audience of teenagers and was reminded of her adolescent years. She spoke about the turbulence she and her family endured as they tried to escape the horrors of the Nazi regime. She stood before these young adults as a living witness to theHolocaust and told them to never forget what happened in Europe 65 years ago.
Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, a Holocaust survivor and the author of “Love in aWorld of Sorrow:ATeenage Girl’sHolocaustMemoirs,” brought amessage of hope and love to a group of 100 Howell High School upperclassmen on Jan. 8.
Heller’s lecture served as a supplement and enrichment to a Human Conscience course. The course emphasizes social and moral responsibility and is taught by social studies supervisor Stan Koba.
Koba explained that the course emerged out of an annual trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.He said it was actuallyHeller who reached out to him and asked if she could speak to the students.


Gloucester County News
Holocaust survivor tells his tale
Friday, January 18, 2008
By Jessica Driscoll
DEPTFORD TWP. Sam Kujawski offered a class of Deptford High School students a life lesson on Thursday.
As a teenager growing up in Poland, he survived the Holocaust. He suggested to students in Josh Kalb’s Holocaust class that they could prevent something similar from happening again.


Holocaust survivor shares her tale

Holocaust survivor Janet Applefield of Canton speaks to students at Melican Middle School in Northborough on Thursday.

By Charlie Breitrose/Daily News staff
Thu Jan 17, 2008, 11:05 PM EST
As a young girl, Janet Singer Applefield went by three names and lived with a number of people – both relatives and strangers – to escape capture by the Germans during World War II.
The Canton resident spoke to eighth-graders at Melican Middle School yesterday to share her experiences about living as a Jew in Eastern Europe during the Nazi reign. Applefield has given talks at schools about 25 times a year for the past two decades.


Holocaust survivor accepts painful duty

SARASOTA — ‘So tell me, Dr. Fagin,” asked a woman at a dinner party not long ago, “what was it like to live through the Holocaust?”

Such questions puzzle Helen Fagin, an American for more than 60 years now, honored today by New College for her nearly 40 years as a national figure in Holocaust education.


Survivors to talk at Holocaust memorial Day

THREE people who share a chilling link – despite coming from different parts of the world – will be the guests of honour at next week’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations.
Auschwitz survivor Gena Turgel, who has attended every single Holocaust Memorial event in Milton Keynes since they began, will be making a very welcome return to the city.

But she also will be joined this year by Beatha Uwazaninka, who witnessed the Rwandan massacres at the tender age of 14, and Kemal Pervanic – a Muslim from the former Yugoslavia, who will be talking about the persecution of Bosnians carried out in the 1990s.



Holocaust survivor to speak in Province
One of the youngest Holocaust survivors Eva Clarke, born on a train travelling from Auschwitz to another concentration camp in 1945, is to visit Enniskillen to share her fascinating story with audiences.

Eva’s mother Anka Bergman was a 23-year-old law student in Prague when the Nazis invaded what was then Czechoslovakia.



Liverpool Daily Post

We must not forget: atrocity survivors tell their stories
Jan 15 2008 by Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post
SURVIVORS of some of the worst international atrocities in modern history spoke in Liverpool last night as part of this year’s Roscoe Lectures.
Under the theme, Holocaust, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, three speakers who have first-hand experience of Nazi death camps, Rwandan genocide and dictatorship in Burma addressed an audience of 1,000 people at St George’s Hall.
Holocaust survivor Trude Levi survived Nazi persecution in her birthplace, Hungary, enduring numerous concentration camps, including Auschwitz, where her mother was gassed upon arrival, and Buchenwald’s slave factories.


East Anglican Daily Times

A SUFFOLK survivor of the Holocaust has spoken of his horrific experience during the launch of an event designed to remember the horrific event.

Holocaust Memorial 2008 was launched yesterdayat Suffolk County Council’s Endeavour House and will run for two weeks, prior to a weekend of thought-provoking events.

Frank Bright, 79, who lives in Martlesham Heath, was sent to Auschwitz in October 1944, as a 16-year-old boy, together with his parents.



Holocaust survivor talks of her escape
Tue, January 22 2008

By Petra Cooke, Online reporter
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A Jewish Czech refugee who escaped Prague signs books based on her wartime diaries at Newbury Library

STUDENTS at Trinity School, Newbury, were asked to remember victims of genocide as a Jewish Czech refugee described her escape from Prague in 1939, at a special event organised by West Berkshire Council.
Pupils today (Tuesday) watched the award winning documentary ‘The Power of Good’, which tells the true story of Berkshire’s Sir Nicholas Winton, who single-handedly organised the rescue of 669 children from Nazi concentration camps.
Vera Gissing, aged 79, was one of those children brought to England from Czechoslovakia in June 1939, shortly before her 11th birthday. She spoke to the students about her experiences at the school event.




Survivor gives Holocaust talk

Students and staff from Edinburgh University will mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Monday in the chaplaincy at Potterrow.