I’m looking for Abe Mazliah.
His father was a Salonikan Auschwitz survivor of Peoria, Illinois, and he was head of 2g group in San Francisco and lived in Mountainview, California in the late 1980s.

Any contact info or leads about his whereabouts would be very helpful.

Thanks you and Shalom,

Prof. Yitzchak Kerem

Organizer of the First Sephardic March of the Living Trip to Salonika, Greece, and Poland.



My Mother, Zysla Wajcman (Born Lubelski and Borenzstein) was born in Nowy Dvor both her parents were widow and widower, and each had children.

My mother was born in 1908 and when she married my father, they moved to Paris, France, My Mother’s stepbrothers I believe perished during the Holocaust, while her two or three sisters left Poland to move to Argentina before the war.

I don’t know which of my Grandparent’s name was Lubelski and Borenztein.

I don’t know if this could be of help to Mrs. Glassman.

My father, Mozjesz Wajcman was from a small sheitel called Nasielsk.

I was wondering if someone had family there? Thank you

Fred (Fewel) Glassman was born in Nowy Dwor, Poland. At the time of the occupation of Poland, Fred was ten years old and living in Warsaw. His father was murdered immediately after the occupation. Fred, his mother, and two sisters were sent to the Warsaw Ghetto. His older brother, Yankel had a grocery/farm store in another city (possibly Nowyblanca). His two youngest brothers, Avram and Dovid, just vanished one night. Fred was sent out of the ghetto to get food for his family. When he returned his mother was dead Whether from disease or starvation or being taken off to a camp – his sisters would not talk about it. His sisters were eventually taken away and he fled.

He used a gentile friend’s name and went to work on a folksdeutch farm with a family with several children. One of the older daughters on the farm found out he was Jewish, but kept that information to herself.

His mother’s family was from Nowy Dwor. His mother’s brother had a farm and orchard there. This family also seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth – they were Altzteinsdp (sp?). After the war still using a friend’s name, he tried to find his family, but could not find anyone. He had been shot by the Germans in the closing days of the war and was taken to Italy for medical care.

Owing to his current age, all of his memories are fragmented. I hope that this information will be sufficient to at least get things going. Again thank you in advance for any help you give.