Hunting the last Nazi war criminals
New York-based journalist Jonathan Silvers has spent the past year investigating fugitive Nazi war criminals for his forthcoming documentary “Elusive Justice”. Silvers and Brian Barron collaborated on a Newsnight report, which centres on a 92-year old grandfather who may soon become the oldest war criminal deported from the United States.

by Brian Barron
BBC News

Vladas Zajanckauskas denies he was involved in death squads

Zajanckauskas story
At first glance Vladas Zajanckauskas seems the picture of a contented grandfather; an American patriarch in his 90s, proud of his successful immigrant family in New England.

He likes to relax by drawing, especially images of playful innocence. But to some who know the details of his earlier life as a young soldier in Europe, his name conjures up demons.

Eli Rosenbaum, the director of the US Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI), says there is clear, documentary evidence that Vladas Zajanckauskas was part of Nazi Germany’s extermination squads, and was “a thrice-promoted, non-commissioned officer (NCO) at a school of mass murder”.