HAARETZ: Prisoners learn the meaning of freedom through lessons on the Holocaust
By Vered Lee

“I, too, was a prisoner,” Havka Folman-Raban tells some 40 inmates of Tzalmon prison in the lecture hall of the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in western Galilee.

Folman-Raban, a Holocaust survivor and member of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot (ghetto fighters), was invited to relate her personal story to the prisoners, as part of a project to teach the inmates about the Shoah. Advertisement

“Do you know what a roll call is? They used to wake us at 4 A.M.,” she tells the prisoners of her experience in a concentration camp. “We stood in the cold sometimes three-four hours and once someone fainted during the call.”

“Our roll call is at 6 A.M.,” one prisoner says and some of them laugh.