‘Freshman Seminar’ uses the Holocaust to teach life lessons
By Melody Hanatani
Santa Monica Daily Press Staff Writer

SAMOHI The choices made today can shape tomorrow.

It’s a lesson that students in a freshman seminar at Santa Monica High School have learned over the past four months and one that will be relayed to the public tonight through an exhibit that features a series of poems, essays and art work that ties in the Holocaust with the power of choice.

Titled “Saving Memories: History as a Witness to the Future,” the exhibit showcases the work of more than 100 freshmen that spent several months studying a survivor from the 1939 Club, one of the largest organizations of Holocaust survivors that is based in Los Angeles. Each student in the mandatory freshman seminar was charged with the task of examining a survivor’s testimony and transcribing the power of that experience into the form of a written or art piece. Part of the assignment included connecting the survivor’s experience to themselves, said Tisha Reichle, who teaches one of the sections.


Posted by Crystal Gutierrez KDBC 4 News

It’s been nearly seven years since a devastating fire destroyed one Holocaust survivor’s dream. Today, his vision of remembrance opened its doors.

Eleven million people were murdered during what many call the worst hate crime: The Holocaust.

Sunday afternoon, the new El Paso Holocaust Museum opened its doors. Outside it looks like any other brick building in El Paso. But inside, history speaks out through pictures, engraved names on plaques and one dirty red Nazi flag symbolizing the most horrific form of murder.