Etgar Lefkowitz

The Israeli Organization for the Restitution of Assets for Holocaust Victims will distribute NIS 100 million to needy survivors, the group said this week.

The organization, which was established by the Knesset in 2006 to identify and return the assets of Holocaust victims to their rightful heirs, will allocate NIS 75m. in unclaimed assets to impoverished survivors, and pay NIS 25m. to groups that help them.

One-time payments of NIS 6,000 will be paid in April to around 12,000 elderly survivors, said Ishai Amrami, director-general of the restitution organization.

“On a personal level as a Holocaust survivor, I feel that transferring this funding to needy survivors is closing a circle and righting a historic injustice,” said Avraham Roet, the head of the organization.

The organization, which has faced criticism for delays and bureaucracy, made the decision last week following a recent High Court of Justice petition by survivors demanding that the group use some of its assets to immediately help elderly survivors instead of waiting to find heirs to the property