BBC News:
Extra funding for Holocaust trips

Sixth-form pupils will spend a day at the site of the Auschwitz camp
A project taking thousands of English teenagers to visit Auschwitz is to be funded for another three years, says the government.
Two sixth formers from every school in England are currently funded to visit Auschwitz in Poland, to encourage an understanding of the Holocaust.

The project will receive an extra £4.65m to extend it until 2011.

“Every young person should have an understanding of this,” says Schools Minister Jim Knight.

The project, in which 6,000 teenagers per year spend a day visiting the Auschwitz camp and meeting survivors of the Holocaust, was launched in 2005.


Die Welle:

The British government will sponsor student trips to the Auschwitz concentration camp in an effort to keep the Holocaust relevant for younger generations. It’s an issue that Germany is all too familiar with.

Underscoring the need to ensure that the lessons of the Nazi genocide live on with a new generation, the British government extended a 2006 pilot program that funds day trips for two students from every secondary school in England to the death camp in present-day Poland.

Britain’s Schools Minister, Jim Knight said the scheme will now be made permanent with 1.5 million pounds (2 million euros) of government money a year until 2011, and the possibility of more funding after that. The idea behind the visit is for teenagers to educate their classmates on their return.