Tunisian Jews Win Holocaust Claim

By STEVE WEIZMAN – 5 hours ago

JERUSALEM (AP) — Tunisian-born Israeli Jews who suffered under Nazi occupation have won a 5-year battle to be paid the same Israeli government stipends as European survivors of the Holocaust, according to a court document obtained by The Associated Press.

David Etzion, an attorney acting for 19 claimants, said the ruling meant that approximately 20,000 Tunisian Jews who immigrated to Israel are entitled to claim the monthly benefits, which average about $330.

German troops occupied Tunisia in November 1942. According to Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, around 5,000 Jews there were rounded up and subjected to forced labor, and 20 Jewish activists were sent to their deaths in the extermination camps of Europe before allied forces arrived in May 1943.

During the six months of Nazi rule in Tunisia, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars on their clothing, many had their property seized and community leaders were arrested, according to Yad Vashem’s Web site.