Groups representing Israel’s Holocaust survivors welcomed the historic law passed Monday evening that will increase the number of survivors eligible to receive additional government benefits, but they claimed that the move was still “too little, too late.”

“This is coming very late, is too small an increase and does not help enough people,” Natan Lavon, director of pensioner’s rights group Ken Lazaken, told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday.

“However, it is finally a step in the right direction by the government of Israel.”

The Knesset unanimously approved the new law, which will provide an additional 8,000 Holocaust survivors – who until now had not been eligible for compensation from Germany or from the Israeli government – with a payout of NIS 1,000 a month and a yearly grant of NIS 400, as well as other non-fiscal benefits.

The law, which will go into effect on April 1, will also provide extra financial assistance to some 143,000 elderly citizens, not necessarily survivors.