A Human Holocaust Exhibit finds Homes in a City of Institutions

It is called “ONE SOUL: When Humanity Fails” and it is currently touring New York: booked next into the Bronx Library Center (April) and then for a week in May (4-10) at Grand Central Northeast Balcony. Discussions are underway to bring it to venerable institutions such as CUNY, NYC Department of Education and the NYC Public Library….possibly Shea Stadium and the Staten Island Ferry.

Utilizing museum-quality, audio/visual technology, ONE SOUL recounts a startlingly, moving chapter of the Holocaust: a moment when American soldiers, having fought their way into Germany come upon the grim and guilty death mills of Auschwitz, Belsen, Treblinka and others and liberate the remnants of a decimated population.

But ONE SOUL is more than a recollection of the past. It is a “friendly warning.” Especially as our great corporate and institutional worlds become increasingly “global”, move operations, facilities and people into new and often strange venues. It takes little misunderstanding to clash with new cultures, particularly if the underpinning notions of tolerance and respect are not well set or reinforced.

ONE SOUL, therefore, is not only a lesson but a perfect teacher for what the right attitude must be if we are to beat bombs into cell phones and keep them in that useful and benign state.

The AFIKIM Foundation of New York, the creator and developer of ONE SOUL is making the exhibit available to New York’s business, educational and social institutions for periods during the year 2008.

Ideal for a lobby exhibition – or for any fair-sized public space – ONE SOUL gives corporations, non-profit organizations, large community centers and educational halls – a chance to share their humanitarian sides with its personnel and guests.

ONE SOUL: When Humanity Fails is easily set-up, maintained and taken down at the end of its stay: a fluid capability proven by its recent nationwide tour of various military installations where ONE SOUL made its “family” debut.

In order to arrange for your organization to bring ONE SOUL: When Humanity Fails into its embrace, please contact Barry Mase at the AFIKIM Foundation by calling 212-791-7450 x 105

Download short video at : When Humanity Fails at www.sitegrow.net/onesoul2.wmv