The Power of Prejudice: The Dreyfus Affair
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An Innocent Man Was Falsely Accused of Treason and Found Guilty

Alfred Dreyfus was a Captain in the French army, a fiercely loyal patriot, proud of his nation and his army. But primarily because he was Jewish, he was falsely accused of spying and found guilty. It took twelve years and the efforts of many before his exoneration.

The Dreyfus Affair was one of the most notorious cases of criminal injustice in history, marked by anti-Jewish riots in every major city in France and ultimately, a prelude to the Holocaust. The consequences of the case still resonate in today?s society: the creation of the first modern ?trial in the press,? ignited by Emile Zola?s famous editorial, ?J?Accuse…!?; the formal separation of church and state in France; and, the earliest plans for the creation of the sovereign Jewish state, journalist Theodor Herzl?s response to anti-Semitism in late 19th century Europe.

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a powerful exhibit

Looking at this amazing collection of original documents, broadsides, books, photographs and letters, it is hard to believe that just over a hundred years ago the most virulent anti-Semitism was unleashed throughout France, with the patently unjust conviction for treason of a young Jewish army officer, Lt. Dreyfus, the catalyst. Seeing these amazing artifacts brings home the power of the word, the awful power of propaganda and also, the surprising power of truth when it is fiercely championed by even a few brave individuals. A must-see for everyone to learn about this pivotal historical series of events and the lessons they teach us about honor, humanity and fighting the absolute evils of prejudice and scapegoating.