My book with Marvin Perry, ANTISEMITIC MYTHS, has just been published
by Indiana University Press. Below is an ad prepared by the publisher
with provision for purchase or acquiring a desk copy. In addition, I
would note that our book includes chapters on antecedents of genocide,
the Holocaust, and Holocaust denial (substantial portions of the
Irving-Lipstadt trial record); antisemitism on the Left as well as on
the Right; black antisemitism; and economic antisemitism – a theme
more often skipped over; It also addresses attempts to make amends by
the Catholic Church and Protestant Churches. Read in sequence the
thirty chapter introductions and the document head notes constitute a
fresh synthesis on the perennial scourge that is antisemitism.
Documents are substantial: neither of us believes in snippets. The
book is a companion volume to our ANTISEMITISM: MYTH AND HATE FROM
ANTIQUITY TO THE PRESENT (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002, pb 2005), which
does not include documents because our editor balked at what he
thought undue length. Please order for your institution?s library, and
where appropriate consider our book for classroom use and as an
addition to your personal library. Do forward this e-mail to
colleagues interested in the subject or who you think ought to be.

Addendum: the Manhattan College Holocaust Resource Center published
the Holocaust memoir of Martin Spett, REFLECTIONS OF THE SOUL, which
narrates the family?s odyssey from Tarnow to Magdeburg to a Belgian
DP-camp and includes twenty-three of his paintings and six poems;
these three media make his memoir a very effective teaching resource.
Thanks to a munificent donor, Martin Balter, a medical volunteer in
the Spanish Civil War and now in his nineties, the Center is able to
distribute the book FREE of charge. If you or your organization will
make educational use of the book, let me have your name and address so
I can mail you a copy; if it turns out that you wish to make classroom
use of it, the Center will happily send you the requisite number of

Cordial good wishes,
Frederick M. Schweitzer
Professor Emeritus of History and Director of the Holocaust Resource Center,
Manhattan College, Bronx, New York 10471

Indiana University Press is pleased to announce the recent publication of:

A Historical and Contemporary Anthology
Edited by Marvin Perry and Frederick M. Schweitzer

“Given the tenacity of antisemitic ideology and behavior,… this
collection of primary sources from the 4th to the 21st centuries will
be an invaluable tool for the study of bigotry and hatred for many
years to come.”
Michael G. Rapp, Xavier University

?We learn from these ninety-odd documents that antisemitism is one of
the great constants of Western civilization, carried down through the
ages by the continued strength of certain myths…. We owe the
authors of this comprehensive collection recognition that their
efforts help expose and disarm these poisonous myths.? ?
Henry Feingold, Professor Emeritus, Baruch College, CUNY and author of

The current revival of antisemitism in Europe and the demonization of
Jews in parts of the Muslim world give special importance to the
exposure of the myths and lies that for centuries led people to regard
Jews as the dangerous “other” and that led to violence and
persecution. This provocative anthology presents 90 documents that
focus on the nature, evolution, and meaning of the principal myths
that have made antisemitism such a lethal force in history since the
early Middle Ages. Among other highlights of this book are the first
translation of Hitler?s 1920 speech ?Why Are We Antisemites??;
excerpts translated from the Catholic journal Civilta Cattolica
1850-1939; post-Soviet antisemitism represented by the 2004 ?Letter to
the Attorney General?; and a substantial chapter on Arab-Muslim
antisemitism that includes a new translation of Sayyid Qutb?s
anti-Jewish diatribe that is often cited but difficult to find.

384 pages
978-0-253-34984-2, cloth $65.00
978-0-253-21950-3, paper $24.95

For Instructors
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