Holocaust Group Opens Office in Berlin

16 hours ago

BERLIN (AP) — An international coalition dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust announced Tuesday that is has selected Berlin as the site for its headquarters.

The Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education coordinates efforts to commemorate the genocide of Europe’s Jewish population. Its offices will share the building housing the Topography of Terror, a museum that documents the crimes of Germany’s Nazi-era government.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who presided over a ceremony Tuesday marking the announcement, said his country bore special responsibility to always remember the Nazi’s murder of 6 million Jews.

“We might not be separated by sorrow, but we are separated, of course, by guilt,” Steinmeier told a crowd that included members of the Czech, Polish and Israeli governments.

Avner Shalev, director of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, called Berlin a fitting location for the coalition’s office.

“This is the place where they (Nazis) gathered at Wannsee to discuss the details of the Final Solution,” he said, referring to Adolf Hitler’s plan to eliminate Jews. “And now it will unite us all to work for a culture of remembrance.”

Since its founding in 1998, the task force’s administration has rotated annually among its 25 member countries, which include Argentina, Austria, Germany, Israel and the United States.