History has unfairly tagged Pius XII as Hitler’s pope
Mark Milke, Calgary Herald
Published: Sunday, March 30, 2008
One benefit of an open society is the chance to engage in debate, and on that score, my Easter column on atheism set off a small flurry of responses.

While it’s impossible to properly address all matters here, one in particular is worth revisiting — the notion Adolf Hitler was Catholic, along with the idea that the Second World War-era pope, Pius XII, was “Hitler’s Pope.” That accusation, the title of a book a few years back, was repeated by Richard Dawkins in his latest polemic against religion, The God Delusion.

On Hitler’s alleged Catholicism, William Shirer, author of the 1960 classic The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, notes Hitler’s nominal Catholic upbringing. Other historians have also reprinted Nazi party statements that seem to indicate Hitler was sympathetic to Christianity.