3 March 2008
To Sir/Madam,
I am trying to trace my family cousin Rita Weinmann born 27/07/1931 in Berlin she was one of the hidden children in Belgium. I know she survived the war as the pictures of Rita and her father Rafael Weinmann who died on the 25/9/1957 were taken around 1956. Her father Rafael died in toronto Canada when he came to visit us on a short trip in 1957 after that she was lost to us. Could you please advise who to contact and possiby supply some information to allow me to continue my search.
I have finished a family tree of the Weinmann family and she is the last of my cousins to find. Are there any contacts with people in Belgium that hid children or records of these children as per the record I have her name was changed Brunet Colette.

Kindest Wishes

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– born on 27.07.1931 in Berlin

– Arrived in Belgium in 1938, coming from Berlin

– lived in the following addresses:

o Borgerhout, Marinisstraat, 3

o Schaerbeek, rue Gaucheret, 52 (since 15.05.1942)

o Placed in forced residence in the province of Limbourg since January 1941 until July 1941

– was hidden with the false name of Brunet Colette by the Comité de Défense des Juifs (organism who has hidden Jewish children in institutions of families during the WWII), since 10.03.1943 until 12.07.1944

– returns in her family on 12.07.1944

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