Emmaly Reed spoke in in Salina, KS sponsored by Heartland Parishes Social Justice Commission, at St. Nicholas of Myra Church.

Nathan Kranowski spoke at Ferrum College in Roanoke, VA

2G Alan Elsner discussed “Dealing with the Holocaust Through Fact and Fiction” at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Photographer Becky Seitel presented a photo exhibition: “Darkness into Life: The Birmingham Area Holocaust Survivors through Photography and Art,” was on display at the Alabama State Capitol.

The El Paso Chapter of the UTEP Alumni Association honored 1969 UTEP graduate and Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger at its annual Fundraising Gala Dinner, Saturday, March 29, at the Tomás Rivera Conference Center.

FAYETTEVILLE, SC– Several Holocaust survivors gathered in Fayetteville for a special reunion on Friday. They got to meet the American soldiers who helped free them during World War II. It was a meeting that was important for both groups.
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Edith Gelbard spoke at Windsor Forks District School’s Grade 6 classes on April 11 in Nova Scotia.

Hudson Falls, NY– Several Holocaust survivors attended a reunion of the American army unit that liberated them from a Nazi death train 63 years ago. High school history teacherMatt Rozell’s played a key role in reuniting the survivors and the veterans.

A Wilmington, DE synagogue honored Holocaust survivor Alfred Schnog.

Josef Perle spoke to Marlow schoolchildren in the UK.

Holocaust survivor Nat Kranowski spoke about his experiences at Virginia Tech.

Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan spoke to middle school students in Farmington Valley, CT.

Alfred Tibor of Columbus, OH told his story to Granville Middle School students in Newark, OH.

North Bay, Ont.– Eva Olsson, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary, speaks out against schoolyard bullying.

GLENS FALLS, NY — “A Celebration of Life” opened at the Lapham Gallery with artwork by students inspired by their relationship with Holocaust survivor Rena Bernstein.

Kansas City, MO–A play written by students celebrates Holocaust survivorErika Mandler’s courage at Chillicothe High School.

Kansas City, MO–The Truman Presidential Museum & Library hosted a Holocaust Survivors Panel.Survivors living in the Kansas City area gaveshort presentations, and a question-and-answer session and roundtable discussion followed.

Brookline, MA–Scholar Joshua Rubenstein edits accounts of Soviet Holocaust survivors in “The Unknown Black Book: The Holocaust in German-occupied Soviet Territories.

Nouvelles St-Laurent News – QC, Canada–15th Annual Kleinmann Symposium on the Holocaust at Vanier College. Lectures address Media and Genocide; French Youth during the Nazi Occupation; The Swastika: Origins and Appropriation of a Symbol; and “Did it Really Happen? Genocide and Denial.” “The Holocaust in Rock and Pop Music” by Scott Benarde who spent six years researching and writing Stars of David: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Jewish Stories, (Brandeis University Press, 2003) a book about the Jewish contribution to popular music from the 1950s through the present.

Slippery Rock University, PA–the Holocaust Remembrance Program was a four-day long program of events on campus,eginning on April 7. The College of Business, Information and Social Sciences and specifically, the department of political science, hosted the “Week for Honoring Human Rights…Your Rights.” Richard Martin, a political science professor who teaches a Holocaust course, organized the week’s activities.

University of Texas–(AP) University of Texas students honoring Holocaust victims passed out thousands of white roses. The 10,000 white roses were meant to represent the number of people who died each day in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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Mesa, AZ–The exhibit, “Anne Frank: A History for Today,” can be seen at the Barness Family East Valley Jewish Community Center on Chandler through May 1.

West Lafayette, IN–Mona Golabek, an acclaimed author and Grammy-nominated pianist wrote the biography of her mother’s Holocaust experience in “The Children of Willesden Lane,” and shared her mother, Jura’s, story in Loeb Playhouse at Purdue University.

Newport News, VA–Alex Lebenstein, will speak at Fort Monroe April 29 at 1:30 p.m. at the Hampton Army Base’s Days of Remembrance for Victims of the Holocaust.

Los Angeles, CA–Loyola Marymount University hosted an exhibit by photographer Rick Nahmias at the 14th Annual Conference of the Western Jewish Studies Association about a group of Holocaust survivors in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

West Lafayette, IN–The 27th annual Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference brought together survivors and experts to help people comprehend the enormity, remember and celebrate Jewish culture, with Holocaust survivor, Joseph Haberer.

West Palm Beach, FL–Schindler Survivor Helen Jonas-Rosensweig, shared her story at the Boca West Country Club and met Monika, the daughter of Amon Goeth. A film about this legacy, INHERITANCE, directed by James Moll, will air on PBS in December.