In a previous posting, an abbreviated version of an American Gathering resolution on House of Representatives Bill 1746 was posted.

RESOLVED, that the Gathering’s position on HR 1746 is that although the Bill
is flawed, it contained some constructive elements regarding survivors’
interests. The Gathering would try to encourage legislators to revise the
Bill to make it more favorable for survivors. A committee consisting of
Messrs. Kent, Steinberg, Rosensaft, Ms. Kenigsberg, and Dr. Primus is
appointed to draft a press release stating the Gathering’s position.

Here is the full text of the results of that resolution passed by the American Gathering on Dec. 2, 2007:

The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants affirms its unequivocal support of the right of Holocaust survivors to pursue claims of moral and material restitution in every appropriate venue. In this regard, we would welcome legislation that strengthens and advances such rights with respect to insurance and other restitution claims. While there are positive aspects to HR1746, we believe it to be flawed in that it appears to be principally motivated by the avarice of lawyers and in that it raises unrealistic expectations in the survivor community. We look forward to working with Members of Congress to draft proper legislation that truly advances the cause and interests of survivors.