I went to Pittsburgh for several days to sit by my dear friend, Dora Iwler, in the hospice for her last days and to attend her funeral. She was a very special woman who actively participated in several Jewish organizations to honor her father who raised her to be a Zionist. She helped the incoming Russian Jews by translating for them at doctor visits and in the hospitals and collecting clothes for them. Her dinner table was always ready to host a stranger, a friend, or her grandchildren. As I sat at her funeral, I realized how many of us in the Pittsburgh community had been brought together by her goodness, generosity and love. She spoke to schools tirelessly about her experiences during the Holocaust, always telling the audience not to hate. She attended every survivor organization event, bringing with her a spirit of song and camaraderie. Dora was not famous or rich, but she will not be forgotten. She never finished high school, but she was brilliant. She lost her entire family during the Holocaust, but gained a family of friends who loved her in Pittsburgh.

Her obiturary appeared the Pittsburgh Post Gazette