Yael Branovsky Published: 05.12.08, 10:39 / Israel News

Despite court decision to recognize restitution right of Bulgarian, Romanian Jews who lived in curfew during WWII but did not survive concentration camps, official says they live below poverty line as government fails to recognize, compensate them

“It is unheard of that people who can hardly make ends meet have to hire lawyers so that the court recognizes their rights,” chairman of the Association of Immigrants from Rumania, Ze’ev Schwartz, said Sunday in regards to the court decision to render eligible for restitution 100 Bulgarian and Romanian-born Jews who lived under curfew conditions during the Holocaust but not in concentration camps.


Schwartz told Ynet that nearly 6,000 Holocaust survivors from Romania are living below the poverty line and are not receiving any compensation from the government. Schwartz said he is hard at work in setting up headquarters to protest outside the prime minister’s residence in the next few weeks.