Irena Sendler was a most unique woman; a true role model for humanity. She had saved about 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto, among them some of our own brothers and sisters such as Bieta Ficowska, living in Poland, and Renata Zajdman, in Montreal. It is important to note here, that as Irena was getting older and less self-reliant, it was now Bieta and our friends, members of the Association of Children of the Holocaust in Poland, who now came forward and took care of Irena.

Irena’s love and caring for all whom she met, for all whom she rescued and all whom she wanted to help brightened the world. All who knew her will always remember her wonderful smile. Only the week before her death at age 98 she had met once again with Norm Conard, the inspiring teacher, and some of the students from Kansas who had brought the story of her rescue efforts in the Warsaw ghetto to the attention of the world in their presentations of “Life in a Jar”.
Our World Federation has been involved in and supportive of the LIFE IN A JAR project for some years. Renata Zajdman, Bieta Ficowska, Rene Lichtman and I all traveled to Kansas for the first big presentation about Irena’s rescue efforts. I had then successfully nominated Irena Sendler for the Jan Karski award. It was Irena’s desire to then establish an award for teachers who best teach about the Holocaust and who inspire students to do good works.
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In great sadness but enriched by having known her,