I am a photographer in New York City. I am doing a book on former miss
subways. A selection from the project appeared in the New York Times
City Section Dec 31 2007.
You can see some photos from the project on my website www.fionagardner.com

One of the former miss subways that I am looking for Elizabeth Stern
is a holocaust survivor. I am contacting your organization in the
hopes that you might be able to help me find her.

I have attached a jpeg of her Miss Subways poster. On the poster it
says that she was born in Warsaw Poland in 1939 and arrived at
Idlewild airport in new york on Nov 15, 1959.

I contacted the Office of homeland security and they had an INS-
foreign address and occupation index card for a woman named Janina E.
Stern that was born in Poland in 1939 and arrived on Nov 15 1959.
The archivist there thought that it is a very good chance that the
person I am looking for is Janina Elizabeth
Stern. Stern would have been her family name and she very likely got
married and changed her last name.

I appreciate any help you can give me in tracking down Elizabeth Stern.

I can be reached at 917-664-9036 or fionagardner@gmail.com


Fiona Gardner