Germany estimates there are about 60,000 survivors worldwide who are eligible for a one-time reparations payment
of 2000 Euros (over $3000) for having worked in Ghettos in German controlled territory during the Holocaust.

Bet Tzedek Legal Services, with the assistance of the law firm of Manatt, Phelps,& Phillips has mobilized scores of major law firms and hundreds of volunteer lawyers across the US to provide free legal clinics to local Jewish Family Services and Holocaust Services offices so that survivors will have free legal assistance in properly completing their application for their reparation payment.

Since January 2008 , volunteer lawyers at the Bet Tzedek free legal clinics have filed applications on behalf of over 500 survivors in the Los Angeles area. Germany has already processed over 125 of these applications ALL have been approved and the survivors have received their one time payment of 2000 Euros (over $3000).

For more information and to obtain free assistance in applying for the one-time payment from Germany, contact your local Jewish Family Service or Holocaust Services agency. For help locating a Holocaust Services agency in your area, contact The Claims Conference at (646) 536-9100, www.claimscon.org, or The Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies at (800) 634- 7346, www.ajfca.org/dir.html.