From The TimesJune 21, 2008

The families who set up home in the Buchenwald concentration campRoger Boyes in Rehmsdorf
From behind one of the camp dormitories a man jumped out, pink with rage. “This is private property!” he yelled in a harsh Saxon accent. “No pictures! Leave us alone — the past is the past!”

And so it was that we were expelled, not from the Garden of Eden but from the garden colony that was once an offshoot of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

About 4,000 inmates were worked, starved and beaten to death in Rehmsdorf, deep in eastern Germany. “We would see the dead in the morning after we woke up,” Mieciu Langer, a former prisoner, recalled. “Dozens of them scattered through the whole compound.”

Now the same camp has become a suburban idyll. The tidy, lush gardens are occupied not by the SS but by plastic gnomes. There are rose terraces, goldfish ponds, apple trees, swings and playhouses for the children — a case of Holocaust amnesia.