Aug 12, 2008 22:24 | Updated Aug 12, 2008 22:45
Olmert presents bill to increase payments to Holocaust survivors

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received praise Tuesday after he decided to present a bill to the Knesset for approval that would raise the monthly state stipend for 40,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel.

After the increase, the Israeli government would be paying 75 percent of what the German government paid the survivors in reparations, while they had been paying only 47% of that amount until now, said Noach Flug, chairman of The Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel. Some had been receiving only 25%.

The survivors had been receiving a minimum of NIS 1,080 a month from the government, a figure that would rise to a minimum of NIS 1,800.

“I think this is very important,” said Flug. “They’ve corrected something from the past.”