B. The Cabinet decided to increase assistance to Holocaust Survivors as follows:

1. In continuation to the recommendations of the Dorner Commission of Inquiry into Assistance to Holocaust Survivors (Henceforth: The Report or the Committee, accordingly), and the special inter-organization staff work in its wake, to adopt the main points of the report and to implement complementary steps to assist Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

2. The actions detailed in this decision constitute a completion of the program to assist Holocaust survivors that was approved in Cabinet Decisions (Decision 2534), 4.11.07, and (Decision 2941), 13.1.08, as were implemented, among others, in the framework of “Benefits for Needy Holocaust Survivors” Law (Amendments), 2008.

3. In this framework the following steps are to be implemented:

a. To increase monthly stipends in accordance with “Benefits for Needy Holocaust Survivors” Law, 1957.

b. Continue efforts by the Finance Ministry’s Bureau of Rehabilitation to improve services to Holocaust survivors.

c. Establish proper working relations between the Government and the Claims Committee, which will formulate a clear inter-organization work model that guarantees the flow of funds to the Holocaust survivors, according to the Committee’s recommendations.

d. Services to Holocaust Survivors and steps to be taken to assist in the fulfillment of their rights.