Holocaust survivors fear pensions won’t be supplemented as promised by Olmert government, after finance committee delays vote on relevant budget

Yael Branovsky
Published: 09.01.08, 23:50

Holocaust survivors remain worried that the receipt of critical benefits, promised to them by the government, will be delayed or shelved. Monday evening, the Knesset finance committee postponed a vote on a budget cut across the board for all ministries, which was designed to generate increased funds for Holocaust survivors.

This reallocation of funds was intended to bolster the pensions of survivors living in Israel and was based on a recommendation
Government’s promise
Survivors to receive larger pensions / Yael Branovski
PM, finance minister agree to adopt Dorner report suggestions calling for an immediate increase of Holocaust survivors’ pensions. Judge Dorner: ‘With this decision we have managed to amend injustice done to survivors just in time’
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of the Dorner Commission on Holocaust Survivors, appointed several months ago by the current administration.