Claims Conference sues filmmakers for libel


Organization working to assist Holocaust survivors counters blow received from controversial documentary by suing directors for ‘promoting their own personal interests through an unprecedented smear campaign’

Meirav Crystal
Published: 09.04.08, 22:01 / Israel Culture

The Claims Conference, a US-based organization responsible for recovering and distributing Jewish assets plundered by the Nazis during World War II, filed a libel suit on Thursday against creators of the documentary “Musar Shilumin (The Morals of Restitution) – the fight goes on”, Orly Vilnai Federbush and Guy Meroz.

In the suit, filed with the Jerusalem District Court, the Claims Conference demands a public act of
contrition from the filmmakers, as well as just under $1.5 million in compensation, which the organization says will be transferred to Holocaust survivors.

“‘Musar Shilumim’ is a false and manipulative movie,” the conference’s representatives claim in the suit. “Federbush and Meroz have desecrated their journalistic obligation to the truth from beginning to end.

“The defendants’ film is a libel, an evil, twisted, contemptible libel contrived to promote their own personal interests through an unprecedented smear campaign