Last week officers of the American Gathering appeared on WCBS and in the NY Times to protest Allainza receiving naming rights at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Allianz’s Interest In New Stadium Sparks Outrage
Many Fans Let Owners Of Giants And Jets Know They Will Not Stand For Firm With Nazi Ties Getting Naming Rights
Pablo Guzman

NEW YORK (CBS) ? A giant controversy is brewing over a company that could soon have its name plastered all over the new Giants and Jets stadium.

German insurance company Allianz has a dark past, with close links to the Nazis.

Now the possibility it could buy the stadium’s naming rights has both football fans and Jewish groups outraged.

While the Giants and Jets play, their new stadium is being built. Ownership is getting ready to sell the naming rights, for about $30 million, to a major corporation. It appears that company might be German insurance giant Allianz.

“I could not believe that the stadium for the Giants — which I love watching — would be named in the name of the insurance company that was responsible for the insurance of the camps in Auschwitz,” said Holocaust survivor Ernie Michel.


Naming Rights and Historical Wrongs

Published: September 9, 2008

The Giants and the Jets face moral and public-relations questions as they negotiate the possible sale of the naming rights to their new stadium with Allianz, a Munich-based insurer and financial services company with disturbing connections to Nazi Germany.

Allianz insured facilities and personnel at concentration camps like Auschwitz and Dachau. Kurt Schmitt, its chief executive in the 1930s, served as Hitler