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September 19,2008
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Compilation of SEARCHES


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If you would like to respond to any of the SEARCHES in this Compilation or ifyou would like to add your own SEARCH inquiry to the Compilation, please send an e-mail to us at: with relevant information.

If you would like to respond to any of the SEARCHES in this Compilation or if you would like to add your own SEARCH inquiry to the Compilation, please send an e-mail to us at: with relevant information.

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From Leor Alcalay, a 2g in Boston, Massachusetts:

I’m writing to you because I’ve lost contact with one of my few relatives. My father, Albert Alcalay, a Survivor and an artist, recently passed away. His memoirs,”The Persistence of Hope.” were published by the University of Delaware Press (I was involved with the book’s production).

The relative I am looking for is the daughter of Albert’s uncle, David Alcalay (the spelling might be different), who worked in Yad Va-Shem in the Righteous Gentiles section for many years, and who has a square named after him in French Hill in Jerusalem.

David lost his first wife and child in Belgrade during the war, but he remarried in Jerusalem. He had a daughter, Liora, from that marriage. Liora grew up in Jerusalem, but married a Swiss man. I met her once only, at the time of David’s death, in 1982, in Jerusalem.

We know the name of the man she married. It is Bronnle, or Bronle, with an umlaut over the “o”. We had an address in Switzerland, but all of our recent attempts (in the past few years) to contact her have failed. We know that she worked as an interpreter, probably in English, Hebrew, French, German, and possibly Serbian. It’s possible she also knows Hungarian, as her mother was a native Hungarian speaker who also spoke Serbo-Croatian.

I know that she and her mother had been involved in an almost-fatal automobile accident in Israel, when she was a child. I know that she was older than me, although I don’t know by how may years (maybe born in 1950?).

Her father David would have emigrated to Israel about that time, I suppose. Her father was a well-known and beloved figure in Israel, especially among the Yugoslav Jewish community in Israel, which is highly respected for its activities, and where I also had inquired. All mail sent to a street address I had, was not responded to. She telephoned our home perhaps 10-15 years ago, once, while traveling in Canada.

I don’t know if your network might have some suggestions. There is also a legal reason we need to speak with her , which involves the resolution of some small property in Belgrade which was restituted, finally, after the Nazi expropriations, and which my father intended to donate to the Jewish community.

Maybe you have some ideas that I haven’t thought of? It would be nice to hear of some suggestions.

From Leopoldo Infante, in Rome, Italy: (seeking family hidden by grandmother):

I am searching for anyone who may know Charles Gerszenzon (or Szwajcer). The Szwajcer/Gerszenzon family were Jews of Polish origin who took refuge in the house of my grandmother, Mrs. Villata, in Moncarlieri, Turin, Italy during the Nazi persecution.

Charles Gerszenzon (or Szwajcer), the youngest of the Polish family was born in 1944 in Moncalieri when the family was secretly hosted by Mrs. Villata. The surname Szwajcer was the original family name which was retained by the grandmother, Dwojra Szwajcer, when the rest of the family changed the name to Gerszenzon.

At the end of the war the Szwajcer family moved from Mocalieri to Angoul