Efforts to help Israel’s Holocaust survivors live out their final years in dignity should happen the whole year around and not just on certain Jewish holidays, the newly founded Association for Immediate Help to Holocaust Survivors urged this week.

“We want the people of Israel to join us in making this year the one that will end the starvation and suffering of thousands of survivors in this country,” said Tamara Mor, founder and spokeswoman for the non-profit organization, which was started six months ago to distribute food parcels to lonely and bedridden Holocaust survivors who may have been turned down by other food charities.

“Many organizations ask their clients to fill out endless paperwork, produce proof that they are survivors or that they receive certain social welfare benefits,” pointed out Mor, adding “We want to help anyone who needs us.”

She said that the organization already handed out more than 400 food baskets to survivors ahead of the Rosh Hashana holiday and that it currently runs a 24-hour hot line – 03-525 7888 – to provide those in need with immediate assistance.

“We are all volunteers in this organization and the donations come from our own pockets,” emphasized Mor, adding that the small, grass-roots charity even took out a bank loan to pay for food to fill the holiday baskets.