Denial of the Denial, or The Battle Under Auschwitz: The Debate on the Geopolitics and the Demography of the Holocaust

MOSCOW, Oct 16, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — A New Book Released in Moscow Repudiates Growing Neo-Nazi and Revisionist Claims
A new book, Denial of the Denial — the first work in Russia to refute deniers’ claims that the Holocaust was a hoax — was announced by Alfred Kokh and Pavel Polian at a press conference today. By using hard evidence instead of silent disdain, this landmark book counters deniers’ allegations with scientific proof – the raw data and fact-based, verifiable evidence that categorically establishes that the Holocaust did, in fact, take place. The publication will be available in bookstores in Russia in late October.
The book confronts a conflagration of neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic forces emerging in Europe and the Middle East — specifically in Iran in the east, and Spain and France in the west — where hostile attitudes toward Jews continue to rise steadily. This resurgence in anti-Semitic sentiment comes in concert with the passing of the last living survivors of the Holocaust, marking the end of a generation of brave souls whose first-hand accounts served as the primary testimony with which the sad truths of the Holocaust were first identified and verified.