Each year, as more Jews and their families move across the country seeking new jobs, or retire to new communities, and as more and more older Jews are passing away, we’re becoming strangers to one another.

We sit next to someone at synagogue or temple on the High Holy Days, or we exercise beside someone at the JCC on weekends, and we wonder about his or her Jewish story. But we rarely, if ever, learn it. Our stories are being lost to a new generation of Jews.

I founded The Jewish Writing Project as a way of encouraging Jews to share and preserve their Jewish stories. You can visit The Jewish Writing Project website at: http://jewishwritingproject.wordpress.com.

Just imagine if Jews contributed stories or poems about experiences that might have made an impact on them as Jews, or shared memories of holidays, or interviewed a person who might have influenced their understanding of Judaism.

With luck, the project will serve as an archive of Jewish stories, memories, poems, interviews, etc., bringing together Jews from all backgrounds, ages, and places, and shedding light on what it means for so many of us to be Jewish today.

Best wishes,

Bruce Black
Founder, The Jewish Writing Project
Sarasota, FL