Celebration of the Generations, hosted by Holocaust Survivor Eugene Leibowitz of Florida and Child Survivor Fred Tauscher of San Francisco will take place at The Venetian in Las Vegas, with the generous help of Mr. Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson, (who are expected to put in an appearance at the event.)

This year’s guests of honor are Leon Charney, noted philanthropist and Jewish TV personality and historian and scholar Dr. Michael Berenbaum. The lifetime achievement award will go to FAINA GELFAND, AND MAZAL SASSON who are coming from Jerusalem. These two mothers were courageous in choosing an experimental cancer regime from a Hungarian doctor that saved both their children’s lives.

EUGENIA SAKEVYCH DALLAS will speak about living in five different countries and present a film she helped make about the Stalin genocide in Ukraine.

The menu for the weekend will be a traditional, kosher, Shabbat menu, with gefilte fish, chicken soup, kishke, roast chicken, ferfel, chulent and a variety of Israeli salads, including dessert and beverages.

Shabbat services will be led by Leon Charney and Michael Berenbaum, with a surprise guest cantor. The memory of Mrs. Natalie Leibowitz, who passed this year, will be honored. This event will also celebrate the 80th birthday of the organizer, Mr. Eugene Leibowitz, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.

To attend this event or learn more about it, call Eugene at 305-931-2508