Holocaust Survivors Reunite With Their Liberators

By: NY1 News


Two Holocaust survivors are reunited in the Bronx Wednesday with the U.S. soldiers who saved their lives.

In a tribute at Bedford Park’s Lehman College, the survivors reunited with two American veterans who liberated their concentration camp during World War II.

Many who attended said they wanted to pay tribute to the soldiers.

“I was very excited, very interested to see the people who liberated my mother’s concentration camp and actually made my life possible,” said Eva Horn, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

“People still remember, people still are upset and we still can carry the story on to those youngsters who believe this was something that was imagined by people,” said WWII veteran Eliot Herman. “I was there, I saw it, I won’t ever forget.”

The event also featured an exhibit of photographs and multimedia installations to remember the Holocaust and honor those who freed the survivors.