How TNR Exposed A New Oprah-Endorsed Memoir As A Hoax

Last week, TNR published an article by Gabriel Sherman, whose original reporting revealed that a new Oprah-touted Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence, was a hoax. Based on interviews with top scholars, Sherman concluded that Herman Rosenblat likely fabricated his story of having been saved in a sub-camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp by a girl who threw apples to him over the fence. (According to Rosenblat’s story, he later met her in New York on a blind date and married her.) The publishing company stopped responding to Sherman when he questioned the book’s fact-checking process. Rosenblat’s agent refused to comment for the original article, but Harris Salamon, the producer of a new movie based on Rosenblat’s story, vociferously defended the story’s veracity to Sherman. (TNR