> Jan. 9, 2009 — In these difficult economic times, the Claims
> Conference is increasing its total allocations in 2009 for vital
> social services for elderly Jewish victims of Nazism, announced Claims
> Conference Chairman Julius Berman. For programs in 2009, a total of
> approximately $168 million will be allocated for social welfare
> programs. In 2008, the Claims Conference allocated a total of
> approximately $150 million to assist Nazi victims.
> In the United States, approximately $25 million will be allocated to
> agencies throughout the country. Israeli organizations will receive
> approximately $85 million.
> “During this severe crisis in Jewish philanthropy, the increase in
> Claims Conference funds for social services is even more essential to
> the well-being of elderly Nazi victims,” said Claims Conference
> Chairman Julius Berman. “The Claims Conference allocations is
> committed to addressing the growing needs of Nazi victims as they age
> and to easing, as much as possible, the lives of elderly Nazi victims
> in their last years.”
> Allocations were made in 43 countries for services such as homecare
> for homebound Nazi victims in need, medical assistance, food programs,
> transportation, emergency cash grants, winter relief, and
> socialization programs. Since 1995, the Claims Conference has been the
> foremost organization in the world in identifying and addressing the
> unique social welfare and health needs of Jewish victims of Nazism.
> Details of all allocations are at Examples of
> programs receiving Claims Conference allocations for 2009 include:
> * In-home services for Nazi victims around the world, which
> includes assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing,
> dressing, laundry, housekeeping, and shopping. These services enable
> Nazi victims to remain in their own homes and to live with an added
> measure of dignity. In Israel, the Claims Conference is the primary
> funder of homecare for more than 15,000 Nazi victims.
> * Special on-going service programs for Holocaust survivors in
> more than 50 communities in the U.S. and Canada. Claims Conference
> funds enable these agencies to provide services such as homecare,
> transportation assistance, emergency cash grants, medical alert
> systems, friendly visiting by volunteers, meals on wheels, social
> programs, and money management.
> * In Israel, maintenance of institutions caring for Nazi victims
> such as nursing homes, hospital wards, and day centers, so that the
> most up-to-date care is provided in dignified, modern facilities. The
> Claims Conference also subsidizes the cost of day center attendance
> for needy Nazi victims.
> * Lifesaving services for impoverished Nazi victims in the former
> Soviet Union. The Claims Conference funds hunger relief such as nearly
> 1 million meals on wheels, along with hot meals in communal settings;
> more than 4 million hours of homecare, including assistance with
> washing, dressing, cooking, and housekeeping; winter relief such as
> coal, wood, or gas, materials for sealing windows, warm blankets,
> coats, and clothes, and grants for electricity; and other vital
> services.
> * Expanded services for Nazi victims in South America, including a
> new allocation in Venezuela to Yajad – Red de Asistencia Social de la
> Comunidad Judia de Venezuela, which will use Claims Conference funds
> to provide emergency financial assistance to Nazi victims. Agencies in
> Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico also receive Claims
> Conference allocations to provide medical assistance, food programs,
> homecare, and other services to Nazi victims.
> Most of the funds to be allocated for 2009 programs are from the
> Claims Conference Successor Organization, which recovers proceeds from
> unclaimed Jewish property in the former East Germany. The Claims
> Conference also administers social service grants from German
> government funds negotiated by the Claims Conference; the Swiss Banks
> Settlement Looted Assets Class, on behalf of the U.S. District Court;
> the “Hungarian Gold Train” Settlement on behalf of the U.S. District
> Court; Austrian government funds negotiated by the Claims Conference;
> and the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
> (ICHEIC). Successor Organization allocations were increased for 2009
> in part to make up for the declining ICHEIC allocations, as that
> organization has ceased operations.
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