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2009 Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program

A summer study program in Poland and Israel for U.S. secondary

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Seminar Program on
and Jewish Resistance, initiated by Vladka Meed in 1984.

This year’s program is scheduled for July 5 – 23, 2009.

Our seminar includes educational activities in Poland and Israel with the
participation of scholars from Israel’s Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the
Study Center of the Ghetto Fighters’ House at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.

On the web site above, there is an online application for you to print out,
complete and send back to us.

NOTE if for some reason you cannot print the application, just email us
at and we’ll send one out asap. Applications are
evaluated by a committee as they are received –so applying early is
to your advantage. All applications must reach our office no later
than April 1, 2009.

For further information, cost, accommodations, etc., please contact
the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Program, Jewish Labor Committee:
tel: (212) 477-0707 email:

Payment is expected immediately upon notification of acceptance, which
will contain more information on the program.

Program Goals:
** To advance education in U.S. secondary schools about the Holocaust
and Jewish Resistance;
** To deepen teachers’ knowledge and strengthen their ability to implement
Holocaust studies in their classrooms;
** To teach each new generation about the Holocaust and Jewish resistance,
so that they will know, understand and never forget;
** To further educational activities which use the lessons of the past as
warnings for the present, and the future.

Curriculum includes:
** Martyrdom and the Struggle for Survival in Jewish History;
** Life in the Ghettoes and the Camps;
** The Final Solution;
** Armed Resistance and Revolt;
** Spiritual Resistance;
** Reaction of the Free World;
** The Holocaust in Literature and Art;
** Post-War Impact of the Holocaust.

Contact Information and Sponsors:
For further information contact:
Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program
c/o Jewish Labor Committee
25 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
tel: (212) 477-0707 email:

sponsored by the:
American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
American Federation of Teachers
Educators Chapter, Jewish Labor Committee

With the active support of the:
Atran Foundation, Inc.
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Monument Funds, Inc.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

NOTE: A major part of the cost of this program is covered by very
substantial scholarships arranged by the American Gathering of Jewish
Holocaust Survivors.