Last week, German Chancellor Andrea Merkel called upon the Pope to denounce Holocaust denying Bishop Richard Williamson. I applauded her and then waited for other world leaders to join in her outrage and disgust. But the papers and airwaves were devoid of any statements from any other world leaders.

There are over 100,000 Holocaust survivors living in the United States and they are as outraged as am I. As an 83- year-old survivor of the Lodz ghetto in Poland and the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Merzbachtal, Dornau and Flossenburg, I join them and the hundreds of thousands of other survivors in Israel, Europe and the former Soviet Union in their outrage.

For Bishop Williamson to deny the existence of the Holocaust is to further inflict psychological damage to those who survived and are living witnesses to the inferno of the Holocaust. Bishop William said recently that “Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber.” As a survivor, I saw screaming children ripped from their parents arms as their mothers and fathers were led to the gas chambers. I will never forget even for one moment, the smell of burning flesh that permeated the air in Auschwitz.