By Raphael Ahren

Tags: israel news, Haaretz books

Before the Holocaust, Lithuania had some 160,000 Jews, who constituted one of the most vibrant and colorful Jewish communities in history. Today, there are only 5,000 Jews in Lithuania some 90 percent of the Jewish population, which had swelled to nearly 250,000, with the arrival of refugees from Poland, were murdered during World War II, not only by the Nazis, but also with the enthusiastic participation of the Lithuanian people.

And yet, in the independent, post-Soviet Lithuania of today, there is a renewed interest in Jewish culture, and the government is making an effort to showcase it to the world. The 24th Jerusalem International Book Fair is one venue where this effort will be on full display, with five different events organized by the Lithuanian Embassy in Tel Aviv scheduled to take place (with a number of other Lithuanian cultural events, not necessarily of a Jewish nature, including dance performances, jazz concerts and movie screenings, planned for different locations around the country).